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Serene Scentsations

Our Guarantee

Quality Standards and Customer Satisfaction

We uphold ourselves to the highest quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction. 

We make sure our product materials are of all natural quality. Some are even classified as USDA Certified Organic and some are just plain classified as Organic. However our materials are ensured to have been produced naturally as to avoid unnecessary pesticides, GMO's, and radiation.

We are in process of potentially having our products become USDA Certified Organic. Until then, we are still happy to produce all natural products for your pleasure.

Our products are also Not Tested on Animals. As animal advocates ourselves, we take pride in knowing that innocent animals have not been harmed in anyway during our product processing.


Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your products. All we ask is for you to contact us regarding the matter.

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